Birthing with Confidence

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Birthing with Confidence


Antenatal Classes, Hypnobirthing, Pregnancy Relaxation

We really want you to feel better about birth AND skilled to deal with it.

We help pregnant women and their partners who may be feeling scared, anxious or overwhelmed by the prospect of giving birth. We also help people who are feeling quietly confident and who want to keep it that way!

We offer a variety of antenatal classes that are all designed to ensure that not only are you well-informed but you're also more relaxed, calm, confident and, most importantly, skilled to deal with labour and birth, however and wherever it happens on the day. Information is important - knowledge is power, right? - but you can't think your way through labour. You need more than that - much more. Labour is an intensely physical and emotional process for both the woman and her birth partner. We help you understand what's happening and prepare you to work as a team to cope calmly with a sense of control. We're very well aware that one size doesn't fit all, so all our courses are tailored to your individual needs, whether you take a course as part of a small group or whether you work privately with one of us.

We offer 2-day hypnobirthing courses, private 1-1 antenatal classes and pregnancy relaxation. Take a look around our websites to find out more about what we do and how we can help you.

We (Zana and Barbara) are highly qualified and experienced antenatal educators and hypnobirthing practitioners. Between us we also hold professional qualifications in midwifery, counselling and hypnotherapy. We're friendly and approachable so please, have a look around our websites and feel free to get in touch to ask us anything! We hope to meet you at an antenatal class soon.

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